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A colorpicker with just a different layout (v1.3) TEZColor is a component to chose
and edit a color like any other
colorpicker. Besides standard RGB
editing it shows the HSV, HLS and
Hex values for the given color.
So it's just a component with a
little different layout and accessibility.

TEZColor is a freeware component.
It may be used and alterd any way
you like. It would be nice, if you
chose to do so, to mention the
components author.

Some functions (Spectrum,
RGBtoHSV and RGBtoHLS) have
been obtained from Earl F. Glynn II
and are modified for functionallity.

Sourcecode and demo are included.
Click to download 'ezcolor.zip' (filesize: 303.648) This code is provided as-is without any warranty! Published on Torry's Delphi Pages