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Protects your program from alteraton by a virus or patching (v2.7) EZSecure is a component to protect your program
from any altering and patching. It does so by
compressing and or encrypting your application.
Additionally it checks the integrety of the protected
application by CRC32.

Just drop the component on the form. When
compiling and running the program in Delphi (with
the debugger), it shows a window with some
configuration options. After completion your
application will be protected. If the protected
application has been altered the appropriate action
will be taken. This component also provides a
registration and shareware possibility.

Please note: EZSecure can only be used on a
WinNT/2000/XP platform! The resulting protected
application will run on every Win32 platform.

TEZSecure is a freeware component. It may be used
and alterd any way you like. It would be nice, if you
chose to do so, to mention the components author.

Sourcecode and HTMLhelp are included.
Click to download 'ezsecure.zip' (filesize: 121.988) This code is provided as-is without any warranty! Published on Torry's Delphi Pages