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Steve's PlaceVery good extensive science information
STRCLots of simple experiments for highschool
Thuis ExperimenterenVery nice highschool experiments (Dutch)
ExperimentenGood highschool experiments (Dutch)
EncyclopeDoeExperiments encyclopedia (Dutch)
C3Little experiments for kids (Dutch)
ProefjesExperiments for kis (Dutch)
Pieter Nieuwland Coll.Highschool experiments (Dutch)
De HekserijRaw materials and information for cosmetics (Dutch)
Drogisterij de LangRaw materials and information for cosmetics (Dutch)
Eenheden, constanten .Unit conversion (Dutch)
Paper Models of PolyhedraPaper models of polyhedra
Desert DomesPolyhedra formulas (basic)
Investigating PatternsPolydra and puzzles
Paul BourkeOne of the better sites for math, programming, graphics and 3D algorithms
Chris SmemoeWhat do image filters do..
Image Processing FundamentalsMore detailed information about image convolution
Solar ViewsPlanetary icosahedrons
ReuzenplanetenPlanets information (Dutch)
Astronomy@themoonArtist impressions of distant planets
International Starch InstituteQuite a lot of information about potatoes and starch
Vogel VisieDutch birds encyclopedia (Dutch)
BioplekHighschool biology information (Dutch)
Mettler ToledoChemical properties like solution densities
Kitchen ChemistryGreat experiments of Heston Blumenthal
All About OscarExtensive chemical information on one page
Chemistry RulesReaction mechanisms of various sorts
ScienceSoftOnline chemical equation solver
Science Made AliveLots of nice original experiments
Natuurkundige Java AppletsJava applets explaining physics (Dutch)
Physikanten & co.Great physics show for kids (Germany)
Science Search
NCBILargest database of articles, sequenses and more...
ExPASyMolecular biology server with lots of informtion..
Protein Data BankDatabase with NMR and x-ray resolved protein structures
Biochemical PathwaysBiochemical pathways. First map was made by Bohringer-Mannheim
DBGETOverview of databases concerning molecular biology