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GoodQuotesStupid, silly quotes
Joe CartoonCombination of animals (mostly), Flash and a sick sense of humor....
LiviusThe Behistun inscription
Early Christian WritingsEarly christian writings (Nag Hammadi e.a)
Mineralogy DatabaseVery extensive Enceclopedia of minerals
MulticolourThe best supplier of natural gems
Meteorite MarketSupplier of meteorites
Jack Hills (Google maps)Lokation of the oldest rockformation in the world
Scents & repellants
The Good Scents CompanyStore for parfumers. Delivers only in US
English ChamomileComposition of essential oil database
FlavornetChemicals and there scents database
AnthémisEtherical oils (Dutch)
IPM World TextbookAn introduction to insecticides
Really Cool SeedsThe Dorset Naga store (hottest pepper in the world)
LargePop merchandising (Dutch)
GlobetrotterOutdore information (Dutch)
ZwerfkeiOutdore shop (Dutch)
Assassin's CreedAssissin's Creed home page. Best game ever!
3D LinksLinks to lots of 3D graphical programs, objects and more....
FindSoundsVery nice collection of individual sounds
Go Rin No ShoBook of five rings by Miyamoto Musashi
Software Tips & TricksProgram and OS eastereggs
De TrekvogelsDutch scout group
Scouting BrakkensteinDutch scout group